Advocate Diary Software is very useful for Managing the daily cases for Lawyers/ Advocates. This software is one of the oldest software for maintaining case diary system. We had started selling this software in 2001.

This is a very simple and easy to use software, which store information about an advocate’s clients, opponents, cases no., Previous Date, Current Date, Next Date, court name. You can filter the data according to case no, Parties, next date etc. You can also maintain the files stored on the locations of your hard disk for individual client.

You can take a print of the cases on daily basis and take it to the court with blank next date and there you can write down the next date on the blank next date column and after returning to your office in the evening you can input the data in the next date column and nothing else you will have to do, to maintain the case diary.

:: While entering the next date it will also remind you aboout the holidays.

:: You can also take printout of the cases whose next date has been left blank.

:: You can take print out of complete history of particular case.

:: You can Enter the courts' name and index for sorting daily cases according to the courts.

Case Entry Form:

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Case Printing Report:

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Note: There many Reports and Form windows in this software package.

Price: Rs. 4500/- (Four Thousand & Five only).


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